People often say to me that they have nowhere to turn for help. That will no longer apply because people will be just a telephone call away from a listening ear and wise practical counsel – Cliff Richards

Without crossline’s help I would never have survived all my problems and the distress of the past few years — Mary

A gentleman called to say that if it wasn’t for crossline, he would be dead on the street.

I came to live in Bransholme in October 1998 and lived alone for 12 months. I discovered crossline and they gave me help on how to live a better life. I’ve tried other organisations but found crossline more helpful — Peter

A man who was feeling particularly low rang crossline and found that even the message on the answer machine helped him to feel a lot better because it meant that somebody cared.

A lady called to say just how grateful she was that we were able to put her in touch with a face to face counsellor and thanked us for our prompt action and compassionate handling of her case.

Another lady caller wished to thank all the listeners, she said that every time she calls crossline a lovely feeling of peace comes over her, we really make her feel ‘somebody’.

A gentleman called to say how much he valued us being here.

Another gentleman said that if it wasn’t for crossline he would not be leading a normal life now.

We sent a UCB “Word for Today” book to a caller and not only was she encouraged, she in turn shared the good news with someone in hospital and gave them hope for the future too!

A lady said the crossline had restored her faith. It’s all about you, Jesus.

A gentleman wanted to thank us for the support and help that he had had and said he would always be grateful to crossline.

Another gentleman thanked crossline for the help he had received and offered to be a volunteer.

A lady wanted to thank a listener who had spoken to her twice – she said she was feeling a lot better and calmer and how glad she was that there is a crossline phone line.

A lady called for prayer for someone else. The lady had called crossline herself previously and started to share how things had changed enormously for the better in her life. She wanted to thank the p0rayer minister who crossline had put her in touch with.

A gentleman called because he was lonely – we were able to give him a few pointers with some Christian agencies that would be of help to him. He was so grateful that he later rang back to offer financial support to crossline.

A lady called to thank one of the listeners for all of her support and prayers and said to tell her that all was well with her now.

A regular female caller says “I do not know how I would have survived all my problems and distress of the last few years without crossline”.

A lady expressed her thanks to crossline for supporting her.

One of our listeners was asked to pray for someone who was seriously ill; they made a remarkable recovery. Praise the Lord!

A regular male caller rang to thank crossline for all of the encouragement the listeners had given to him.

A lady said that her daughter phoned crossline who put her in touch with a face to face counsellor and she has improved greatly.

A lady who shared her concerns with crossline wanted us to know what had happened to her that day. The Lord had really touched her in a mighty way. She was elated at what God was doing in her life and wanted us to share in it. The listener felt that they were sharing the glow of a miracle.

A lady who had previously called crossline whilst going through a particularly difficult time, called again two years later. Although the prayer support crossline had given her two years earlier had not meant anything at the time, she had called to say that now she and her family had become Christians. She was most grateful to crossline and her life had totally changed.