Crossline began as a result of Mary Whitehouse, the moral standards campaigner in the 1960s, calling Gordon Wright, a Christian counsellor working in Plymouth. She asked him what he was going to do about the disturbed people coming away from the cinema having watched the film “The Exorcist”.

This film, like many films today, was having a profound effect on the people who had been to see it, many of whom needed ministry afterwards. In response, Gordon got together a number of Christian friends and handed out leaflets telling people where they could get help if needed. That helping hand became known as crossline. From that initial organisation, a number of crossline organisations were formed.

Crossline Hull opened on September 14th 1998. In the first month, we only took three calls, however, we are now taking well over 300 calls per month.

Crossline Hull opened with the support of 24 churches in the Hull area, that number has now risen to over ninety making it one of the major ministries in the area.

Crossline Hull was officially opened on January 5th 1999 by the late Kathy Staff, who was a Christian and best known for playing Nora Batty in Last of the Summer Wine. Since then, we have had many Salvations, been able to place people not only into face-to-face ministry but also fed callers into a number of churches. We can also refer people on to other specialised agencies if the nature of their need requires it.

In April 2023 The Crossline listeners joined UCB Prayerline, which is one of the leading Christian based prayer lines in the United Kingdom. This new and exciting chapter offers our callers a faster and more accessible service to offer comfort and prayer in a hurting World.